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Web Application Boilerplate

v1.0.0 2016-12-06 11:41 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-05-29 01:03:20 UTC


A SaaS Boilerplate to speed up your SaaS Application Developement


Create new Splate project

composer create-project cleaniquecoders/splate

Update database connection and email configuration in .env.

Login with Facebook

Configure Facebook App Details in the .env file and set the config/auth.php the oauth.facebook key to true to enable login with Facebook.

Get the client id and secret from Facebook for Developers by creating application.


You may want to refer to this tutorial if you have any issues with setting up the Facebook login.

Login via API

API endpoint to login, using http method of POST. Login using email and password field.

You should get something like this once you're successfully logged in.



This web app boilerplate comes with pre-installed and configured with Laravel Theme by teeplus. Following are common commands can be use for theme development.

Create a new theme

php artisan theme:create theme_name


The teeplus/laravel-theme does not come with a middleware.

With this middleware, you still can use return view('home.index') in your controller.





Assets and Components

To include assets

{{ Theme::asset()->container('footer')->add('delete-script', 'js/delete.js') }}

To include partials or components

{!! Theme::partial('components.checkboxes',['options' => $roles,'label' => 'Role', 'selected' => [], 'name' => 'role_id']) !!}


  • Require middleware to check if user not yet activate their account, redirect to resend activation account link
  • User Manager
  • Error pages - 403, 404, 500
  • Laravel Passport, Consume Own API Middleware
  • Migrate User Manager using VueJs
  • Provide Installer for this boilerplate
  • Login with Facebook
  • JWT
  • Laravel Collective
  • Support Themes