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1.0.0 2014-12-08 12:07 UTC


This bundle allows you to reinstall the platform periodically while displaying a counter allowing you to inform every users of the time remaining before it happens.

Reinstalling the platform

In order to initialize the "time remaining" counter, you need to restart the platform once. Go into the DemoBundle/Resources/scripts directory and run:

sudo php reinstall.php

Setting the cron period

Setup a cron that fires the reinstall script periodically doc.

sudo crontab -e

Editing the bundle configuration file

Edit the Resources/config/parameters.yml file to reflect the cron period.

claroline.demo_bundle.period: 7200 #seconds

Updating the web folder

If you want the platform to redirect to a "reinstall" page when the script is working, run:

php app/console claroline:demo:replace_web

Displaying the counter

If you want to display the time remaining counter, edit the Resources/config/parameters.yml

claroline.demo_bundle.display_counter: true