Generate pseudo-static pages from markdown and HTML files for Flarum

0.1 2021-08-26 13:14 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-07-26 15:29:52 UTC


This is not a Flarum extension. This package provides a Flarum extender that you can use in the local extend.php to define custom pages.

Install at the root of your Flarum, or as a dependency to one of your custom extensions.

I don't recommend bundling this as a dependency of public extensions.

This package is in beta! Breaking releases will be released regularly. Make sure to use ^ or ~ semver constraints!

composer require clarkwinkelmann/flarum-pages-generator


In extend.php:

return [
    (new \ClarkWinkelmann\PagesGenerator\Pages())
        ->source(__DIR__ . '/pages')
        ->mithrilComponent('ContactForm', "flarum.extensions['acme-basic-form'].ContactForm"),

->source(string $path) defines a source folder to enumerate for pages.

->mithrilComponent(string $tag, string $import) optionally defines a mapping of an HTML tag to a Mithril component. The expression will be called with eval().

You can call source and mithrilComponent multiple times on a single extender instance.

At the moment, a single extender instance must exist in the Flarum application! If multiple extensions try to use it, it will break.


Pages can be Markdown (.md) or HTML (.html) and must include a Yaml front matter.

Markdown is parsed using the Flarum formatter. Any markdown or bbcode made available by extensions will be available.

The filename without file extension will be the page URL. Subfolders under the source directory are preserved as part of the URL.

Example: basic markdown

title: About us

This is a markdown text with **formatting**.

Example: basic HTML

title: Find Us

<p>It's very simple to find us</p>

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Example: Markdown page with custom component

title: Contact

Use the form to contact us:

<ContactForm title="A title attr"></ContactForm>