PSR-16 simple cache provider based on files.

v2.0.0 2021-08-18 11:28 UTC

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PSR-16 simple cache provider based on files.


composer require cicnavi/simple-file-cache-php


Use class Cicnavi\SimpleFileCache\SimpleFileCache to instantiate a cache instance. It can accept following arguments:

  • $cacheName (optional/recommended, string) - cache name used to separate cache domains, 'simple-file-cache' being default
  • $storagePath (optional, string) - path to writable folder which will be used to store cache files. If not provided, default system 'tmp' folder will be used.
  • $fileSystemService (optional, Cicnavi\SimpleFileCache\Services\Interfaces\FileSystemServiceInterface) - FileSystemServiceInterface instance used to communicate with the filesystem (Cicnavi\SimpleFileCache\Services\FileSystemService being default)

Using different cache names is a recommended way of separating cache domains. If you don't specify the cache name, the default will be used. Keep in mind that the PSR-16 includes method clear(), which wipes out the entire cache for a particular domain (particular cache name).


use Cicnavi\SimpleFileCache\SimpleFileCache;

$cache = new SimpleFileCache('some-cache-name', '/some/writable/storage/folder');
// Alternatively, instantiate it using defaults...
// $cache = new SimpleFileCache('some-cache-name'); // Use specific cache name, but use default system 'tmp' folder 
// $cache = new SimpleFileCache(); // Use default cache name and default system 'tmp' folder

$somethingImportant = 'This string was fetched from API using HTTP request, which is expensive. I\'ll store it 
in cache for later use so I don\'t have to make another HTTP request for the same thing';

// Use any of the PSR-16 metods to work with cache...:
$cache->set('somethingImportant', $somethingImportant);

//... later
$somethingImportant = $cache->get('somethingImportant');


This will run phpunit, psalm and phpcs:

$ composer run-script test