CI HUB Adapter for Pimcore DataHub

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This bundle integrates CI HUB to Pimcore DataHub and therefore allows integrating Pimcore Assets and DataObjects directly into Adobe and Microsoft products.

Features in a nutshell

  • Configure a schema and expose data like with other DataHub adapters via Drag & Drop.
  • Exported data is cached to get a high performance API.
  • A token is provided which can be used for connecting CI HUB with your Pimcore DataHub endpoint.

Sample Configuration


This bundle depends on the Pimcore DataHub and the Simple REST Adapter bundles. They need to be installed first.

To install the CI HUB Adapter complete following steps:

  • Install via composer
    composer require ci-hub/pimcore-ci-hub-adapter-bundle
  • Enable via command-line (or inside the Pimcore extension manager)
    bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable PimcoreCIHubAdapterBundle
  • Clear cache and reload Pimcore
    bin/console cache:clear --no-warmup

Make sure, that the priority of the Pimcore DataHub is higher than the priority of the Simple REST Adapter, and the priority of the Simple REST Adapter is higher than the priority of the CI HUB Adapter. This can be specified as parameter of the pimcore:bundle:enable command or in the Pimcore extension manager.

Bundle Configuration

Configure the default thumbnail, which is used by CI HUB to display the preview of your Pimcore Assets:

# Default configuration for "PimcoreCIHubAdapterBundle"

    # Default image/document thumbnail settings.

        # Defaults:
        format:              PNG
        width:               300
        height:              300
        frame:               true
        forceResize:         true

Attention: This configuration is overwritten by any image thumbnail configuration with the name of "galleryThumbnail" in the Pimcore Back-End.

Further Information

Since this bundle is based on the Simple REST Adapter Bundle for Pimcore DataHub, see its documentation for details on configuration and usage.

Planned features

  • Add or update Pimcore Assets via CI HUB interface
  • Identification endpoint with permission details (CRUD)


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