Symfony DIC integration for the Slim Framework

1.0.1 2015-03-29 06:53 UTC

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Provides Symfony Dependency Injection for a Slim Application

Also provides a minimalist Controller pattern class for use in your applications.

For an example application that uses this library, please see Slim-DIC Example


The Slim framework is great for lightweight sites but lacks the ease of creating testable, adaptable code that can be found when adopting a strict DI approach to development.

This small library supports the integration of the easy to use, yet powerful Symfony version of a DI container with the lightweight Slim Framework, giving you the ability to create great, maintainable and configurable web sites quickly.


Changing the library

  1. fork it
  2. write the test
  3. amend it
  4. do a pull request

Found a bug you can't figure out?

  1. fork it
  2. write the test
  3. do a pull request

NB. Make sure you rebase to HEAD before your pull request


The library is hosted at Github. It is available at

See The (PHP) Matrix for more PHP packages from this author.


Install Composer

For production


    "chippyash/slim-dic": "~1.0"

to your composer.json "requires" section

For development

Clone this repo, and then run Composer in local repo root to pull in dependencies

    git clone Slimdic
    cd Slimdic
    composer install --dev

To run the tests:

    cd Slimdic
    vendor/bin/phpunit -c test/phpunit.xml test/


This software library is released under the BSD 3 Clause license

This software library is Copyright (c) 2014-2018, Ashley Kitson, UK


V1.0.0 Initial release

V1.0.1 Refactor getting controller name

V2.0.0 Change of license from GPL V3 to BSD 3 Clause, php version dependency update