Turn your Silex Application into static HTML

v1.0.1 2013-11-23 20:46 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-03-20 16:01:01 UTC


Static site generator built for Silex.

This is a proof of concept and may not work for you. Some known issues include:

  • Generated sites only work at the root of the server.
  • Generated sites can not be browsed without a server because URLs are not rewritten to be relative.


Require chh/frozen-silex in your Silex Application's composer.json.

Getting Started

Create a Freezer instance with your Silex\Application object and call its freeze method:


$freezer = new \FrozenSilex\Freezer(require('app.php'));

This will create a build directory in your current working directory with your application's controllers dumped as static HTML files.

Finding URLs

Frozen Silex works by looking at all your defined Routes in Silex's routes service, getting the URL for the name from the UrlGenerator and then triggering a virtual request via the Symfony BrowserKit Component.

The following URLs can be found automatically:

  • Silex Routes which respond to GET requests.
  • URLs generated by the url_generator service.

Pages which are not accessible via links generated by the url_generator can be made accessible by writing URL Generators.

URL Generators

URL Generators are callbacks which return an array of additional URLs which the Freezer should trigger. URLs can be either a simple string (which is then treated as URL) or a tuple of route name and params, which is feeded through the URL Generator.

Example: If you've users which are not accessible through an Index page:


$app->get('/users/{id}', function($id) { /* Code here */ })->bind('show_user');

$freezer = new \FrozenSilex\Freezer($app);
$freezer->registerGenerator(function() use ($app) {
    $users = [];

    foreach ($app['db']->users->find() as $user) {
        $users[] = ['show_user', ['id' => (string) $user['_id']]];

    return $users;


The following configuration keys are used from the App instance:

  • freezer.destination (default: build): Directory where static files are generated, defaults to build in the current working directory.
  • freezer.override_url_generator (default: true): Overrides the app's URL generator with a custom one, which freezes all generated URLs.