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Line Notify SDK Client for PHP. Generate Auth URL, resolve authcode to token, and send messages directly.

About the LINE API

See the official API documentation for more information.



Getting Started


Use Composer to pull this library.

$ composer require chez14/line-notify-sdk

Create a Channel

  1. Create a LINE Notify Client, go to LINE Notify Service Creator, and register new Service.
  2. Go to LINE Notify Service Manager, open your service, and grab the Client Secret and Client ID.

Creating API Instance

Create a new object from LINE\Notify\Api. Don't forget to supply both client_id and client_secret to the parameter.

$api = new LINE\Notify\Api([
    "client_id" => '0123456789',
    "client_secret" => '00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff'

After that, you can use your get your auth code, and do some OAuth job.

$login = LINE\Notify\Token::generateAuthUrl($api, "http://localhost:8087/oauthcallback.php", "stateA");
// will produce:

// On oauthcallback.php
$token = LINE\Notify\Token::fromAuthCode($lineApi, $_GET['code'], "http://localhost:8087/oauthcallback.php");

$notify = new LINE\Notify\Notify($api);
$notify->notify("HELLO!", null, 1, 106);

That, will produce something like:

Line notify screenshoot

Check our documentation page to get more info about this library classes, and see our examples folder to get more examples.

Go beyond, and plus ultra!

Check this API Documentation (tbd), and check LINE Notify Bot's corresponding documentations.

Have fun!

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Bug Report

Please, if you have any feedback or bug report for this lib, submit it to the issue tracker. If you concern about the security and privacy, you can PGP-encrypt it using Chez14's Keybase, and submit it as an issue.