Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) Language for Quickadmin.

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Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) Language for Quickadmin 2.x
Quickadmin 2.x 的正體中文(繁體中文)語系檔.


laraveldaily/quickadmin: ^2.1.0


Open the root directory of your Laravel project in terminal(CLI), and follow the following steps.

  1. Install laraveldaily/quickadmin first.
    composer require laraveldaily/quickadmin
  2. Install this package QuickAdmin-Lang
    composer require chewei05/quickadmin-lang

Copy Language Files

Copy Directly

  • Files of languages are in "vendor/chewei05/src/lang" directory
  • Copy the folders of languages to the resources/lang/vendor/laraveldaily folder of your Laravel 5 project.

Via Laravel Service Provider

  1. Add service provider to config/app.php.
    'providers' => [
  2. Run composer dump-autoload if composer went wrong.
    composer dump-autoload
  3. Publish vendor files of this package.
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="CheweiHu\QuickadminLang\QuickadminLangServiceProvider"
  4. Done.