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What is Danky?

Danky is a typed template system for PHP. Contrary to all other template systems, in Danky templates are classes.

🦄 Templates explicit declare its scope on construct, the $render property can be of type string or Template.

<?php // Quote.php

use Chevere\Danky\Template;

class Quote extends Template
    public function __construct(string $text, string $author) {
        $this->render =
            <quote>"$text" --$author</quote>

That <<<HTML ... is Heredoc syntax string literal. In Danky, you use all the stuff that has been always there to handle multi-line string literals. Heredoc is great for templates as it evaluates variables, making templates clean to read.

<?php // Home.php

use Chevere\Danky\Template;

class Home extends Template
    public function __construct(Template $content) {
        $this->render =

Template classes implements Stringable, you can use any template object within string literals.

<?php // index.php

use function Chevere\Danky\import;
use Home;
use Quote;

    new Home(
        content: new Quote(
            text: 'Hello, world!',
            author: 'Rodolfo'

🥳 Congratulations! You just mastered Danky.

    <quote>"Hello, world!"</quote>

Now run php demo/index.php for a more complete example.


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