Interval for PHP >= 5.4

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Interval for PHP.

This project uses:


Using composer: either

$ composer create-project chdemko/interval:1.0.x-dev --dev; cd interval

or create a composer.json file containing

    "require": {
        "chdemko/interval": "1.0.x-dev"

and run

$ composer install

Create a test.php file containg

require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use chdemko\Interval\Interval;

$interval = Interval::fromString('[2,3[');

echo $interval . PHP_EOL;

$interval->sup = 4;
echo $interval . PHP_EOL;

$interval->inf = - INF;
echo $interval . PHP_EOL;

if ($interval->contains(0))
	echo "0 is contained in $interval" . PHP_EOL;
	echo "0 is not contained in $interval" . PHP_EOL;

This should print

0 is contained in ]-INF,4[

See the examples folder for more information.



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