ChargeBee API client implementation for PHP


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This is the PHP Library for integrating with Chargebee. Sign up for a Chargebee account here.

Chargebee now supports two API versions - V1 and V2, of which V2 is the latest release and all future developments will happen in V2. This library is for API version V2. If you’re looking for V1, head to chargebee-v1 branch.


ChargeBee is available on Packagist and can be installed using Composer

	composer require chargebee/chargebee-php:'>=2, <3'

or Download the php library version 2.x.x from Extract the library into the php include path.

Then, require the library as

 require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . 'path_to ChargeBee.php');



To create a new subscription:

require 'ChargeBee.php';
ChargeBee_Environment::configure("your_site", "{your_site_api_key}");
$result = ChargeBee_Subscription::create(array(
  "id" => "__dev__KyVqH3NW3f42fD", 
  "planId" => "starter", 
  "customer" => array(
    "email" => "", 
    "firstName" => "John", 
    "lastName" => "Wayne"
$subscription = $result->subscription();
$customer = $result->customer();
$card = $result->card();


See the LICENSE file.