Queue, Queue items and Queueable objects for Charcoal

v5.0.0 2024-03-13 15:05 UTC


The Queue package provides an abstract queue service to defer the processing of time consuming tasks.


composer require charcoal/queue


Queueing System

Queue managers loop queue items. Queue items represent actions to be performed (as defined by the process() method).

Queue Manager

The queue manager is available as an abstract class: AbstractQueueManager. This class implements the QueueManagerInterface.

The processing speed (throttle) can be controlled via the rate property, in items per second.

The batch limit (number of items to process per iteration) can be controlled with the limit property.

The queue can be identified with the queue_id. It can be set with setQueueId().

The queue can be processed with processQueue(). If for any reason the items need to be loaded, it can be done with loadQueueItems().

There are 4 callbacks that can be defined:

  • setProcessedCallback()
  • setItemCallback()
  • setItemSuccessCallbak()
  • setItemFailureCallback()

There are only 1 abstract method:

  • queueItemProto() which must returns a QueueItemInterface instance

Queue Items

Queue Items should implement the QueueItemInterface. This can be helped via the QueueItemTrait.

Queue items can be identified with a queue_id. (The same queue_id used by the queue manager).

Items can be processed with process($callback, $successCallback, $failureCallback).

The queue item properties are:

  • queue_id
  • queue_item_data
  • queued_date
  • processing_date
  • processed_date
  • processed

Queuable Objects

The QueueableInterface defines objects that can be queued. This interface is really simple and only provides:

  • setQueueId() which can be inherited from QueueableTrait
  • queueId() (queue_id getter) which can be inherited from QueueableTrait
  • queue($ts = null) which is abstract and must be written inside class which implement the queueable interface