Laravel wrapper to perform a Dutch postal code (postcode) lookup using the publicly available PDOK Locatieserver v3.

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This package is a Laravel wrapper of Nationaal Georegister provider for Geocoder PHP, which can be used to lookup a postal code to return the corresponding street and city.

The publicly available PDOK Locatieserver v3 (Dutch) is utilized to provide the necessary geodata.


Use composer to install this package:

$ composer require chabter/laravel-dutch-postalcode-lookup


Perform a lookup by postal code:


Or perform a lookup by a postal code and house number combination:

PostalCodeLookupService::lookup('1012JS', 1);

The lookup method also supports using house number extensions as follows:

PostalCodeLookupService::lookup('1012JS', '5B');


The lookup method returns a Chabter\PostalCodeLookup\Models\Address model on success, for example:

$address->getPostalCode() => '1012JS';
$address->getHouseNumber() => 1; // or string including housenumber extension
$address->getStreet() => 'Dam';
$address->getCity() => 'Amsterdam';


Run the tests with:

$ composer test


Version Laravel Version PHP Version
2.x 8.x ^7.3|^8.0
1.x 7.x >=7.2

Version 1.x will also work with Laravel 8 if Guzzle 6 is available (^6.5|7.0 in composer.json).


This package is completely free to use. If it makes it to your production environment we would highly appreciate you sending us a postcard from your hometown! 👏🏼

Our address is: Chabter, Kanaalstraat 12B, 5347KM Oss, Netherlands.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.