Laravel package to send notifications when some exceptions are thrown.

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Laravel package to send notifications when exceptions are thrown.


Via Composer

$ composer require cerbero/notifiable-exception

We might need to install other packages depending on the notification channels we want to use (e.g. Slack, Telegram). Please refer to Laravel Notification Channels for more information.

For better performance notifications are queued, please check the documentation to find out what are the requirements for your queue driver.


In order to be notifiable, exceptions need to implement the Notifiable interface and use the Notifies trait:

use Cerbero\NotifiableException\Notifiable;
use Cerbero\NotifiableException\Notifies;
use Exception;

class UrgentException extends Exception implements Notifiable
    use Notifies;

Otherwise, if we don't need to extend a particular exception class, we may just extend the NotifiableException for convenience:

use Cerbero\NotifiableException\Exceptions\NotifiableException;

class UrgentException extends NotifiableException

When notifiable exceptions are not handled manually in a try-catch, they are notified automatically. However when we actually need to handle them we can send their notifications by calling the notify() method in the try-catch:

try {
} catch (NotifiableException $e) {
    // exception handling logic

Sometimes we might want some channel routes to always be notified when an exception is thrown. If so, we can set default routes for every channel we want to notify in config/notifiable_exception.php:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --tag=notifiable_exception_config

As an example, the following configuration defines a Slack and a mail route that will always be notified when any notifiable exception is thrown:

'default_routes' => [
    'mail' => [
    'slack' => [

Please note: this README shows routes in the code for convenience, however it is recommended to set routes in environment variables that can then be read from configuration files.

Different routes might need to be notified depending on what instance of notifiable exception is thrown. Ad hoc channels and routes can be defined in notifiable exceptions themselves by overriding the method getCustomRoutes():

class UrgentException extends NotifiableException
    protected function getCustomRoutes(): array
        return [
            'nexmo' => [

In the example above, the phone number +1 555-666-6666 will receive an SMS whenever UrgentException is thrown, alongside with the default routes specified in the configuration.

If we want an exception to notify only its custom routes while ignoring the default ones, we can instruct the method overridesRoutes() to do so:

protected function overridesRoutes(): bool
    return true;

Messages to send can be customized per channel by overriding the method getMessages():

public function getMessages(): array
    return [
        'mail' => (new MailMessage)
            ->subject('An error occurred')
        'slack' => (new SlackMessage)
            ->attachment(function (SlackAttachment $attachment) {
                        'File' => $this->getFile(),
                        'Line' => $this->getLine(),
                        'Code' => $this->getCode(),
                        'Previous exception' => $this->getPrevious() ? get_class($this->getPrevious()) : 'none',
        'nexmo' => (new NexmoMessage)->content($this->getMessage()),

By default Laravel supports some notification channels (e.g. mail, slack), however custom channel classes need to be specified when using third-party solutions. We can define them by overriding the method getCustomChannels():

use NotificationChannels\Telegram\TelegramChannel;


public function getCustomChannels(): array
    return [
        'telegram' => TelegramChannel::class,

Change log

Please see CHANGELOG for more information on what has changed recently.


$ composer test


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.