Extract objects from large JSON files, endpoints or streams while saving memory.

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This package extracts JSON objects from large JSON sources like files, endpoints and streams while saving memory. It parses heavy JSONs by using JsonStreamingParser and provides an easy API to declare what objects to extract and process.


Via Composer

composer require cerbero/json-objects


Simply pass the JSON source (files, endpoints or streams) and optionally the key where objects are contained to create a new instance of JsonObjects. You can also call the factory method from():

$source = 'https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/users';

// Create a new instance specifying the JSON source to extract objects from
new JsonObjects($source);
// or

// Create a new instance specifying the JSON source and the key to extract objects from
new JsonObjects($source, 'address.geo');
// or
JsonObjects::from($source, 'address.geo');

When providing a key to extract objects from, you can use the dot notation to indicate nested sections of a JSON. For example nested.*.key extracts all the objects in the property key of every object contained in nested.

Under the hood JsonObjects supports PSR-7, hence any implementation of MessageInterface or StreamInterface is a valid source. This makes interactions with other packages supporting PSR-7 (e.g. Guzzle) even more convenient:

$response = $guzzle->get('https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/users');

// Create a new instance by passing an implementation of MessageInterface

// Create a new instance by passing an implementation of StreamInterface

Finally you can decide whether to extract and process objects one by one or in chunks. The memory will be allocated to read only these objects instead of the whole JSON document:

// Extract and process one object at a time from the given JSON source
JsonObjects::from($source)->each(function (array $object) {
    // Process one object

// Extract and process a chunk of objects at a time from the given JSON source
JsonObjects::from($source)->chunk(100, function (array $objects) {
    // Process 100 objects

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$ composer test


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