A Stomp 1.2 capable client

2.0.3 2017-06-06 20:48 UTC


Includes partial 1.2 support (including NACK), circular buffers, XML maps (in addition to JSON) and a whole host of fixes and improvements to the fusesource.org code base from which we worked some years ago.

License: Apache

To run unit tests:

composer install (or composer update)

Fork of: http://stomp.fusesource.org


  use CentralDesktop\Stomp\Connection;
  $factory = new \CentralDesktop\Stomp\ConnectionFactory\Failover(['host1:61612','host2:61612']), true);
  $con = new Connection($factory);
  // connect with some bad credentials and stomp protocol 1.2 (default 1.0 currently)
  // send a message to the "test" queue with body of payload
  // and with the message attribute persistent:true
  $con->send("test", "payload", array("persistent" => 'true'));