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This is a work-in-progress to research how TYPO3 CMS can be run on Heroku using the current cedar stack.



  1. install heroku cli
  2. login through heroku login
  3. create heroku app with heroku create. This registers git remote heroku
  4. push to heroku git push heroku master
  5. open in browser and complete setup with heroku open make sure to delete web/FIRST_INSTALL afterwards


php.ini values will be picked up from a .user.ini file in web. Go there if you need to adjust values. Placing it there has no performance penalty.

Installing extensions

Due to the immutable file system (it gets resetted on every push) and the way TYPO3 determines the extensions it should load, a special "flow" for enabling an extension is needed.

  1. require the extension with composer
  2. push the app, install it via the extension manager
  3. manually activate the package in typo3conf/PackageStates.php

This flow is needed to keep the various mechanisms in sync after push.


  1. run composer update only with the --prefer-dist flag as currently it would download the whole TYPO3 repository
  2. accessing the install tool is only possible when the ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL marker file is present