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A meta package that allows you to install yii2 without composer-asset-plugin.

2.0.16 2019-02-25 18:22 UTC

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Last update: 2021-05-25 23:31:56 UTC


A composer package that allows you to install yii2 without composer-asset-plugin.

How to use?

Just require cebe/assetfree-yii2 instead of yiisoft/yii2 in your composer.json.


Yii2 currently depends on Asset packages to make it really easy to create frontend applications as it directly provides Widgets and Javascript/CSS components out of the box. Therefore, the composer-asset-plugin is used which allows to manage frontend dependencies directly in composer.json.

Sometimes however, these frontend components are not needed, e.g. if you use Yii to create a Console Application, Background workers or a REST API. So if you do not want to install the composer-asset-plugin on your production servers because you do not need any asset functionality anyway you may use this package instead of requiring yiisoft/yii2 directly.

How does this work?

Magic: :)

This package claims to "provide" the required asset packages which are only available when composer-asset-plugin ist installed. In reallity no asset packages are installed, so this is only useful in cases where you do not need them.