Base library to create an API sdk for CCT Microservices

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A REST(Representational State Transfer) library to help rapidly develop RESTful web service SDKs. Supports serialization of response and request to objects.


composer require cct-marketing/rest

Serilizer Libraries (Optional)

If no serializer is install all responses will be returned as an array

Recommended JMS Serialiser

composer require jms/serializer

Alternative Symfony Serialiser

composer require symfony/serializer
composer require symfony/property-access


To use the library you just need to extend the AbstractClient and AbstractSerializerRequest or AbstractRequest classes

use CCT\Component\Rest\Config;
use CCT\Component\Rest\Http\Definition\RequestHeaders;
use CCT\Component\Rest\Http\Request;
use CCT\Component\Rest\Serializer\Context\Context;

class MyRequest extends Request
    protected function setUp()
        $this->config->set(Config::URI_PREFIX, '/test/');

    public function apiCall(QueryParams $queryParams = null)
        $this->config->set('serialization_context', Context::create()->setGroups(['read']));

        $headers = RequestHeaders::create(
                'Accept' => 'application/json',
                'X-Requested-With' => 'XMLHttpRequest',


        return parent::requestGet($this->getUri(), $queryParams);
use CCT\Component\Rest\AbstractClient;
use CCT\Component\Rest\Config;

class RESTClient extends AbstractClient
     * @return ScrapeRequest
    public function myAPI(): MyRequest
        $config = clone $this->config;
        $modelClass = TestModel::class;

        $serializer = $this->getBuiltSerializer($config);
        if ($this->shouldUseDefaultResponseTransformers() && null !== $serializer) {
            $this->applyDefaultResponseTransformers($config, $serializer, $modelClass);

        return $this->createRequestInstance(TestRequest::class, $config, null);

To run:

$config = new \CCT\Component\Rest\Config([
    \CCT\Component\Rest\Config::ENDPOINT => '',
    \CCT\Component\Rest\Config::DEBUG => true,

 * Send Request
$client = new Client($config);
$query = new QueryParams();
$query->set('message', 'hello');
$response = $client->myAPI()->apiCall($query);