A list of dangerous usernames

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This is simply a list dangerous usernames that you can include in your project. It was inspired by this article.

It comes with a composer.json file and DangerousUserNames class for easy inclusion in PHP projects. But, since it is simply a txt file, you can use it with any platform.


Via Composer:

$ composer require caseyamcl/dangerous_usernames

Or, use whatever programming language you want to open the textfile and read the contents into a list/array (one item per line).


use DangerousUserNames\DangerousUserNames;

// string[]
$dangerousNames = new DangerousUserNames();
$dangerousNames->inList('admin');       // case-insensitive
$dangerousNames->inList('ADMIN', true); // case-sensitive


Pull requests are welcome! If you have any user names to add, please do so in alphabetical order.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.