Languages for Laravel

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In this repository, you can find the lang files for the framework PHP, Laravel 4&5.


Via Composer
  • For Laravel 5.* : add "caouecs/laravel-lang": "~3.0" in your composer.json in "require"
  • For Laravel 5 : add "caouecs/laravel4-lang": "~2.0" in your composer.json in "require"
  • For Laravel 4 : add "caouecs/laravel4-lang": "~1.0" in your composer.json in "require"
  • Do "composer update"
  • Files of languages are in "vendor/caouecs/laravel-lang" directory
  • Copy the folders of languages that you want, in app/lang (resources/lang in laravel 5) folder of your application Laravel
Via GitHub

Usage [Laravel only]

In the file app/config/app.php, change the value of locale by the short name of your language.

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Status of files

  • Check the file to see the missing translations.

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