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The Caldera framework implemented for WordPress

dev-master 2019-02-01 17:10 UTC

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This is a meta package that is designed to be the sole Caldera Framework dependency of a WordPress plugin or site that use the Caldera framework.

This gives us a single place to version all of the required dependencies, and single place to update them. It is my intention to use this package to automate npm/yarn installing the JS packages. Later, we will make a Slim and/or Laravel package like this that doesn't include the WordPress layers.

When you create a React app with create-react-app, you can update the app config beacuse the generated app has react-scripts as a dependency. This is our react-scripts. Add this as a composer dependency to your plugin, and use the version constraint in your composer.json to update the framework or to prevent the framework from updating.


This is a composer meta package.

👀🌋 This Is A Module Of The Caldera Framework


composer require calderawp/wordpress-framework

License, Copyright, etc.

Copyright 2018+ CalderaWP LLC and licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL license. Please share with your neighbor.