WordPress custom table abstractions

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👀🌋 This Is A Module Of The Caldera Framework


  • Add to your package:
    • composer require calderawp/http
  • Install for development:
    • git clone && composer install


This package provides database table creation and basic queries.

Tables schemas are defined using YAML. As of now, only WPDB integration is available.

Caldera Forms Tables

V1 Tables

V2 Tables

Create Table From Attributes

use calderawp\DB\Factory;
use calderawp\interop\Attribute;

//id column
$attributeData = [
    'name' => 'id',
    'sqlDescriptor' => 'int(11) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT',
    'format' => '%d',

//name column
$attribute2Data = [
    'name' => 'name',
    'sqlDescriptor' => 'varchar(256) NOT NULL',
    'format' => '%s',

//name of table
$tableName = 'cf_whatever';
//name of primary key(s)
$primaryKey = 'id';
//name of index(es)
$indexes = ['name'];

//Create factory
$factory = new Factory();
//Create Table schema
$attributes = [$attributeData, $attribute2Data];
$tableSchema = $factory->tableSchema($attributes, $tableName, $primaryKey, $indexes);
//Create table using WordPress' wpdb
$table = $factory->wordPressDatabaseTable($tableSchema,$wpdb);

License, Copyright, etc.

Copyright 2018+ CalderaWP LLC and licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL license. Please share with your neighbor.