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This package provides an console application to obtain git information about a folder

Zero-config use

If you don't need any custom completion behaviour, you can simply add the completion command to your application:

  1. Install caherrera/gitinfo using composer by running:
    $ composer global require caherrera/gitinfo

How it works

for run type this command in any console

$ ~/vendor/caherrera/gitinfo/console [/path/to/scan]


$ ~/vendor/caherrera/gitinfo/console $(pwd)
{"commit":"a2986ed961f6aa628a647df9e8f04892c38480f3","hash":"a2986ed","created":"2019-08-21 19:21:45","author":"Carlos Herrera","email":"","repository":"\/gitinfo.git","status":"[{\"file\":\"M\",\"status\":\"\"},{\"file\":\"M\",\"status\":\"\"}]","branch":"master","tag":"1.0.1","project":"gitinfo"}

this command will return a in json format