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A Twig Dumper that uses the Symfony VarDumper component

1.0.3 2022-01-11 16:44 UTC

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Last update: 2022-07-11 03:22:48 UTC


A Twig Dumper that uses the Symfony VarDumper component.


composer require --dev buzzingpixel/twig-dumper

When instantiating your Twig instance, add BuzzingPixel\TwigDumper\TwigDumper extension to Twig via the addExtension() method. Like so:


use Twig\Environment;
use Twig\Loader\FilesystemLoader;
use BuzzingPixel\TwigDumper\TwigDumper;

$twig = new Environment(new FilesystemLoader('/path/to/templates'), [
    'debug' => true,
    'cache' => '/path/to/cache',
    'strict_variables' => true,

$twig->addExtension(new TwigDumper());


Node that Twig must be in debug mode in order for this extension to work.

{# Dump variables or other values #}
{{ dump(myVar, anotherVar, 123, 'etc.') }}

{# Dump the twig context #}
{{ dump() }}


Copyright 2019 BuzzingPixel, LLC

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