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Last update: 2022-08-11 03:45:22 UTC


Part of BuzzingPixel's Corbomite project.

Provides a very light wrapper around Twig.



The APP_BASE_PATH constant can be defined if you'd like to set it explicitly. Otherwise. Corbomite Twig will figure it out automagically.

Use the Corbomite Dependency Injector to get the Twig environment instance.


use corbomite\di\Di;
use corbomite\twig\TwigEnvironment;

$twig = Di::get(TwigEnvironment::class);

Dev Mode

Corbomite Twig looks for an environment variable named DEV_MODE. If that is set to a string of 'true', Twig will be set to enable debugging and strict variables will be set to true. In addition, Twig's Debug Extension will be added, which adds the {{ dump(var) }} function to Twig.

Cache Path

You can set an environment variable named TWIG_CACHE_PATH with a string specifying the absolute path for Twig to use for its cache. If you do not specify the cache path, it will default to APP_BASE_PATH . '/cache'.


Your app or any composer package can specify arrays of globals to be added to Twig by setting the key twigGlobalsFilePath in composer.json extra object. The file specified there should return an array of key => value global variables.

Twig Extensions

Your app or any composer package can specify an array of Twig Extension classes to load by setting the key twigExtensions in composer.json to an array of fully qualified class names in composer.json extra object. Those classes will be retrieved from Corbomite DI or newed up if not added to the DI config.

Twig Template Directories

Your app or any composer package can specify an array of template directories for the Twig environment by setting the key twigTemplatesDirectories in composer.json to an object where the key is the namespace and the value is the absolute path to the template directory. If the key is empty it is considered the root/primary template directory. Composer packages should not have empty keys, only the application/project should.


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