Flowerflow project for ramverk1 in BTH.

v8.0.0 2021-01-15 18:36 UTC

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  1. php
  2. webserver (apache)
  3. composer
  4. Database mysql


Step 1, install anax environment

Install anax environment. Go to a php apache server root.

anax create proj ramverk1-me-v2
cd proj

Step 2, install using composer

Install the module using composer.

composer require bthpan/flowerflow

Step 3, rsync the files

Stand in the proj dir:

rsync -av  vendor/bthpan/flowerflow/.  ./

Step 4, create databases and load initial data

Stand in the proj/sql/ddl dir: Login database with root:

source ddl.sql;

Start using http://localhost/proj/htdocs/ Try login with user: admin/12345.