Provides information if your SilverStripe application uses dependencies with known vulnerabilities.

2.0.4 2020-04-01 22:20 UTC


WARNING: As of January 2021, this module no longer works because the underlying service has been shut down (see announcement and discussion).

NOTE: This module is no longer commercially supported in Silverstripe CMS 5 and it does not provide a CMS5-compatible version.

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Adds a task which runs a check if any of the dependencies has known security vulnerabilities. It uses the SensioLabs Security Check Web service and the Security Advisories Database.

BSD 3-clause License


  • SilverStripe Framework ^4
  • SilverStripe QueuedJobs ^4

Suggested Module

This module will automatically amend the SiteSummary report provided by the SilverStripe Maintenance module, adding alerts if security updates are present for installed modules.


The following installation commands includes schedulding a queuedjob to populate the data. Run the following command to install this package as a development dependency:

composer require bringyourownideas/silverstripe-composer-security-checker 2.x-dev

vendor/bin/sake dev/build
vendor/bin/sake dev/tasks/ProcessJobQueueTask


The information gets updated via a BuildTask, which in turn can be run via a queuedjob. You will need to set up a scheduled process (e.g. cron) to run either the buildtask directly, or the task to process the queuedjobs queue in order to refresh the information.

Use the information is stored in the SecurityAlert object, and can be consumed as needed. Please be careful how you expose this information. If the SilverStripe Maintenance module is present, a relationship will be connected between Package and SecurityAlert.


Please see the user guide section of the SilverStripe Maintenance module.