Fast and scalable PHP MVC framework

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Last update: 2021-04-02 20:23:35 UTC


The bacon PHP framework is a lean, clean, simple and fast MVC framework without too much fuzz about it.

Server Requirements:


Once you have PHP and composer set up, you can create a skeleton project with the following:

% composer create-project brainsware/bacon-dist project-name

This will download all the necessary software, and create all important directories and sample configuration files for your new project:

Installing brainsware/bacon-dist (1.0)
  - Installing brainsware/bacon-dist (1.0)
    Loading from cache

Created project in project-name
Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies
  - Installing brainsware/php-markdown-extra-extended (dev-master 1.0)
    Cloning 1.0

  - Installing brainsware/sauce (1.0)
    Loading from cache

  - Installing minmb/phpmailer (dev-master df44323)
    Cloning df443234ad0ca10cbf91a0c0a728b256afcab1d1

  - Installing twig/twig (dev-master ba67e2c)
    Cloning ba67e2cf8e2ca6cada1de5a316a724df648c52ac

  - Installing brainsware/bacon (1.0)
    Loading from cache

Writing lock file
Generating autoload files


Bacon uses PHP files for storing all of its configurations.

The skeleton project we provide comes with an Intro controller, which is set as the default fallback controller in Config/Base.php

The second config file you will want to look at is Config/Database.php Here are the basic options you will want to set for your database:

'server'   => 'db.dbznet',  # Enter your server host here
'name'     => 'blogDB',     # The name of your database
'type'     => 'mysql',      # Anything your PDO Installation supports. (
'username' => 'blogDBuser', # The username you want to connect to your database with
'password' => 'VryScrPswd', # The password.

Bacon does not provide default values for these options. If your application needs a database, you will have to create it and connect Bacon to it via Config/Database.php.