Sauce is a general purpose library providing containers and functions that ease development in PHP.

0.2.0 2018-08-01 09:52 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-06-26 17:22:34 UTC


Sauce is a general purpose library providing containers and functions that ease development in PHP.

Currently Sauce is written and tested for PHP 5.4.x.

Provided classes/traits:

  • Sauce\SObject - A simple key-value store
  • Sauce\Vector - A classic array with ordered integer keys
  • Sauce\String - A simple string representation with utility methods
  • Sauce\Immutable - An abstract class implementing ArrayAccess but denying access to any set methods
  • Sauce\ImmutableObject - A version of Object implemening Immutable
  • Sauce\CallableProperty - A trait implementing __call which allows calling a property holding a function - if callable
  • Sauce\AwareObject - A version of Object storing all keys that have been changed
  • Sauce\Path - A simple path representation with utility methods
  • Sauce\DateTime - A class extending the original DateTime class with sane default formats
  • Sauce\CliColors - A class for making colored CLI output.

Provided global functions:

  • dump() - Replacement for var_dump() that can take arbitrary data; when not on the command line, this function will wrap the result in a <pre> tag.
  • sdump() - Replacement for var_export($value, true)
  • V() - Create a new Vector from given data
  • A() - Create a new Object from given data
  • Ar() - Recursively create Object instances from given data (arrays in arrays will be also instantiated as Object)
  • S() - Create a String instance from given string
  • Vs() - Creates a Vector instance with given strings, pushing each argument as String instance onto the Vector.
  • ensure() - Define a function/method contract, throws an InvalidArgumentException when contract is not fulfilled. See comments on that function for documentation.
  • is_not_null() - Check whether given data is not null
  • is_an_array() - Check whether given data is an array or an instance of any class extending Object or implementing ArrayAccess
  • is_a_string() - Check whether given data is a string or an instance of String
  • is_cli() - Check whether the current environment is the command line interface or CGI/mod_php
  • is_cli_server() - Check whether the application server running PHP is the built-in server.
  • split_uri() - Split a string by / and remove empty leading/trailing strings
  • path_info() - Gather PHP's PATH_INFO or build it from SCRIPT_NAME and REQUEST_URI, removes GET parameters if present.
  • http_method() - Returns method reported by the server (REQUEST_METHOD), but overrides it if a _method parameters was sent with the request. (Useful for resource/CRUD controllers)
  • or_equals() - Check whether given variable is set and not null, basically mimicking Ruby's or-equals operator (||=)
  • has_method($object, $method) - Check whether or not given object or class has a given method defined.