The bridge to provide Domain Events handling with Tactician command bus and Doctrine ORM

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The bridge to provide Domain Events handling with Tactician command bus and Doctrine ORM


Install via composer

composer require bornfree/tactician-doctrine-domain-events


Using the events recorder facilities you can let Doctrine ORM collect domain events and subsequently let the EventDispatcher handle them.

Make sure that your entities implement the ContainsRecordedMessages interface. Use the EventRecorderCapabilities trait from Tactician Domain Events library to conveniently record events from inside the entity:

use BornFree\TacticianDomainEvent\Recorder\ContainsRecordedEvents;
use BornFree\TacticianDomainEvent\Recorder\EventRecorderCapabilities;

class Task implements ContainsRecordedMessages
    use EventRecorderCapabilities;

    public function __construct($name)
        $this->record(new TaskWasCreated($name));

Then set up the event recorder for Doctrine entities:

use BornFree\TacticianDoctrineDomainEvent\EventListener\CollectsEventsFromEntities;

$eventRecorder = new CollectsEventsFromEntities();

Syfmony integration

This listener will be registered automatically with Symfony, see the documentation

The event recorder will loop over all the entities that were involved in the last database transaction and collect their internally recorded events.

After a database transaction was completed successfully these events should be handled by the EventDispatcher. This is done by a specialized middleware, which should be added to the command bus before the middleware that is responsible for handling the transaction.

use League\Tactician\CommandBus;
use League\Tactician\Doctrine\ORM\TransactionMiddleware;
use namespace BornFree\TacticianDomainEvent\Middleware\ReleaseRecordedEventsMiddleware;

// see the previous sections about $eventRecorder and $eventDispatcher
$releaseRecordedEventsMiddleware = new ReleaseRecordedEventsMiddleware($eventRecorder, $eventDispatcher);

$commandBus = new CommandBus(
        $releaseRecordedEventsMiddleware, // it should be before transaction middleware


Copyright (c) 2017, Maks Rafalko

Under MIT license, read LICENSE file.