The Boomerang API Endpoint Testing Framework.

v0.4.3 2023-05-16 19:50 UTC


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Boomerang! is a simple Frisby.js inspired API E2E endpoint testing framework, providing the tools you need to validate REST responses.

Boomerang! consumes your API and validates your defined set of expectations, alerting you to any problems that arise.

Boomerang! is still in active development and more info is coming soon!

Documentation and more information is availible at


  • PHP 5.4.0+ with CLI and SPL
  • *nix or cygwin on windows.


Using composer, boomerang can be installed globally via:

$ composer global require 'boomerang/boomerang'

Or if you are using composer for the project you wish to test, you can simply add it as a vendor binary:

  "require-dev": {
      "boomerang/boomerang": "~0.2.0"


$ git clone Boomerang
$ cd Boomerang
$ composer.phar install

Basic Execution

The easiest way to test is simply using the composer executable.

From the root of the cloned project, execute

$ ./vendor/bin/boomerang

Building a Phar

You will need Composer to fetch the requirements

$ php create-phar.php