Small package based on GD to handle thumbnail resizes

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Image Thumbnail handler for Bolt


Bolt Thumbs is installed as a default dependency of Bolt. However, for use independently it can be included in your Composer project:

composer require bolt/thumbs:^3.4

Should you want to work with the development branch(es), you can specficy those as Composer requirements instead.

To install the 3.x development branch:

composer require bolt/thumbs:dev-3.x@dev

Alternatively to install the master branch (which requires Silex 2):

composer require bolt/thumbs:dev-master@dev


If you've already got a working installation of Bolt, you can safely skip this.

To use the Botl Thumbs service provider onto your Silex based application, simply ->register() the \Bolt\Provider\ThumbnailsServiceProvider class in your registration phase, e.g.:

    /** @var \Silex\Application $app */
    $app->register(new \Bolt\Provider\ThumbnailsServiceProvider())