How to video manager for Laravel Enso

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How-to video manager for Laravel Enso.

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Allows you to add videos to your application, to show users how to perform a specific action, demonstrate a feature, present a process flow, etc. This is a complementary package to Tutorial Manager.

  • easily upload media clips from your computer, setting a title and a description
  • simple to use tag manager
  • optionally add a caption/cover picture for each video
  • optionally tag the clips and then filter them using the tags
  • permissions dependent controls, where regular users can only view the videos.


The component is already included in the Enso install and should not require any additional installation steps.


Even though the media files are filtered on upload using their mime-types, depending on the encoding and versions, some files might not work, as this is a limitation of the video.js library. Experiment and find what works for you.

Depends on:


  • php artisan vendor:publish --tag=howToVideos-storage - the storage folder that holds the medial files that will be uploaded
  • php artisan vendor:publish --tag=howToVideos-assets - the VueJS components
  • php artisan vendor:publish --tag=enso-assets - a common alias for when wanting to update the assets, once a newer version is released, usually used with the --force flag


are welcome. Pull requests are great, but issues are good too.


This package is released under the MIT license.