TYPO3 CMS skeleton project (using git-push deployment)

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dev-master 2018-10-02 21:06 UTC

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composer create-project --keep-vcs bnf/typo3-project-template:dev-master foo-project
cd foo-project/
composer config name your-vendor/foo-site-name
git rm && git add composer.lock && git commit -m "Initialize foo-project"

# Now run a test server with
composer run --timeout=0 dev-server

touch public/FIRST_INSTALL
# Run through install tool

# Add LocalConfiguration.php to git
git add public/typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php && git commit -m "Add initial configuration"

Deployment setup

Deployment uses (a fork) of giddyup, a simple script that does fast and reliable deployment in a git hook (features symlink rotation and shared directories).

# Set to your servers hostname and path

ssh $REMOTE_HOST "mkdir -p $REMOTE_PATH && git init --bare $REMOTE_PATH/repo && curl -s > $REMOTE_PATH/repo/hooks/update && chmod +x $REMOTE_PATH/repo/hooks/update"
git remote add production $REMOTE_HOST:$REMOTE_PATH/repo

# Optional: In case you're using php-fpm with a custom socket path, configure the hook to use the correct fpm socket
ssh $REMOTE_HOST "git --git-dir=$REMOTE_PATH/repo config giddyup.fcgi-socket /run/php70-fpm-foo.sock"

# Upload shared content
rsync  -az -e ssh --verbose --include 'public/' --include 'public/fileadmin/***' --include='public/uploads/***' --exclude='*' ./ $REMOTE_HOST:$REMOTE_PATH/shared/

# Upload database
./vendor/bin/typo3cms database:export | ssh $REMOTE_HOST "mysql $REMOTE_DB"

# Initial code upload
git push production

Now point your webserver's document root to $REMOTE_PATH/current/public and from now on deploy with:

git push production