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To use clover-reporter use command ./bin/generate with specified parameters.

Most of usage information is available on help ./bin/generate --help

Basic arguments
  • report_file clover.xml report file [default: "build/logs/clover.xml"]
  • output destination of html report files [default: ".../output"]
Basic options
  • -b, --open-browser automatically open default browser with html report
  • -H, --html generate html report version
  • -c, --show-coverage show only classes with coverage in percent
  • -s, --short-report show coverage in percent per line with uncovered lines only
  • -f, --full-report show coverage in percent per line with complete script
  • -d, --skip-dir allow to skip specified dirs in root path. Dir delimiter: ";" [default: "vendor;test;tests"]

Install via Composer

To use packages you can just download package and pace it in your code. But recommended way to use CloverReporter is install it via Composer. To include CloverReporter libraries paste into composer json:

    "require": {
        "bluetree-service/clover-reporter": "version_number"

Usage in project

By default clover reporter will search report file inside of build/logs directory in project root dir. And project root dir should be place to execute report generation.
Suggested command: php vendor/bin/generate with optional arguments.
To execute from other places than project root dir, as firs argument use clover report file path.

Project description

Used conventions

  • Namespaces - each library use namespaces
  • PSR-4 - PSR-4 coding standard
  • Composer - Composer usage to load/update libraries


  • PHP 7.3 or higher

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This bundle is released under the Apache license.
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