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This library provide a REST client to ZenDesk remote call.

0.6.0 2014-06-26 14:43 UTC


This library provide a REST client to ZenDesk remote call. This project is based on RestRemoteObject which allow to control a REST API with objects.

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php composer.phar require "blanchonvincent/zendesk-remote-object:0.6.*"

You need PHP 5.4 or higher.


This project use Zend\ServiceManager to create entities or services. Each new entities or service calls must use the ServiceManager. Each entity and service pilot a remote rest proxy to call remote API. To know how to do remote call, read the ZenDeskRemoteObject documentation.

Usage example

All examples are in the examples/ folder.

  • retrieve current user :
$userService = $serviceManager->get('ZenDesk\Service\UserService');
$user = $userService->me();

var_dump($user->getName()); // current user name
  • update the user :
$user->setName('Vincent Blanchon');
  • create user :
$user = new ZenDesk\Entity\User();
$user->setName('Vincent Blanchon');

$service = $serviceManager->get('ZenDesk\Service\UserService');

  • create ticket :
$ticket = new ZenDesk\Entity\Ticket();
$ticket->setSubject('My first ticket');
$ticket->setDescription('French will win the soccer world cup');

$service = $serviceManager->get('ZenDesk\Service\TicketService');

var_dump($ticket->getId()); // there is now an id

Zend Framework 2 integration

A Module.php file is provided, you can also use this project like a Zend Framework 2 module.

Features list

Entity :

  • User : create, update, delete, get tickets, suspend
  • Ticket : create, update, delete, add comments, get tags, close
  • TicketField : create, update, delete
  • UserField : create, update, delete
  • OrganizationField : create, update, delete
  • Trigger : create, update, delete
  • Automation : create, update, delete
  • Macro : create, update, delete
  • View : create, update, delete, get tickets

Service :

  • User : get, get current, list, search, autocomplete
  • Ticket : get, list, list recent, search
  • TicketField : get, list
  • UserField : get, list
  • OrganizationField : get, list
  • Tags : list
  • Trigger : list, get
  • Automation : list, get
  • Macro : get, list
  • View : get, list, list active
  • Search : user, ticket