This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A Laravel 5.1 CRUD package based on krafthaus/bauhaus, although greatly modified...

v0.0.15 2016-07-29 08:33 UTC


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CRUD is as acronym for Create, Read, Update and Delete, these actions cover the most basic database interactions that are the core of every administrative interface. With this package, you can create your CMS in a matter of minutes, and the best of all? It's very flexible! No fixed views are generated, but the templates can overridden as desired. Did I mention all the hooks? No? Hooks are everywhere, so you can fine tune everything to fit it to your liking!

This package was originally based on the Krafthaus/Bauhaus package, but since then, it greatly differs on some key points. Check out the feautre list for most of the highlights!

Contributions are welcome! Either as ideas or (preferably) pull requests 😄

Installing Crud

Check the Wiki on how to install CRUD into your new project!


The starter dashboard

BlackfyreStudio/CRUD Dashboard

An example index page

BlackfyreStudio/CRUD Example index page

An example edit page

BlackfyreStudio/CRUD Example edit page