Library for working with Git repositories and PHP as a monorepo

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A PHP library for working with Monorepo Project's. This library handles splitting of sub folder commits and pushing of tags into multiple remote repositories which depends on a .monorepo config file in your monorepo's working directory.

📦 Installation

PHP 8.0 or newer and GIT 2.30 or newer are required. The recommended way to install, is by using Composer. Simply run:

$ composer require biurad/monorepo

📍 Quick Start

This library main purpose is for continuously splitting up a monorepo project into multiple repositories as read-only. Handles splitting of branches and tags, this library is truly extendable as you can define different worker classes for a particular job run. splitsh/lite is used under the hood for great performance.

NB: It is highly recommended to have git filter-repo installed as this allows re-merging of multiple repositories as many times as you want, the default way merges once an can be very risky to re-merge.

In order to use this library, a .monorepo yaml syntax config file must exists in project working directory. Here is an example of the .monorepo config:

# URL or absolute path to the remote GIT repository of the monorepo

# All branches that match this regular expression will be split by default
branch_filter: /^(main|develop|\d+\.\d+)$/

# A list of workers which should run when the monorepo command is called
    - Biurad\Monorepo\Worker\SplitCommitsWorker
  #  - Custom\MonorepoWorker
    - Biurad\Monorepo\Worker\MergeRepoWorker
  #  - Biurad\Monorepo\Worker\PushNextDevWorker

# List of all split projects
  # The first split project living in the folder /first-subfolder
    # URL or absolute path to the remote GIT repository
  # Second split project living in the folder /second-subfolder
    # URL or absolute path to the remote GIT repository
    # A path which exist in the root path where monorepo command is called
    # If not defined, this config key (second-subfolder) is used as path
    path: php-example
    # If true, Repo supports merging & splitting. If false, only splitting is supported
    merge: true

# An array of configuration's which custom workers may rely on
extra: ~

This library uses a single workflow command that takes in one argument which is the specified job name (default is main) and a bunch of options required by class workers. You can also use this library in your CI workflow, if you seek to have all commits and tags created while running this library in GitHub Actions CI signed. Then checkout crazy-max/ghaction-import-gpg repository to enable such feature.

To use run this library simply run this command in your terminal:

$ php vendor/bin/monorepo

📓 Documentation

In-depth documentation on how to use this library can be found at It is also recommended to browse through unit tests in the tests directory.

🙌 Sponsors

If this library made it into your project, or you interested in supporting us, please consider donating to support future development.

👥 Credits & Acknowledgements

📄 License

Poakium Monorepo is completely free and released under the BSD 3 License.