Toolbox for working with binary and hex data. Similar to NodeJS Buffer.

v0.5.7 2020-01-17 21:31 UTC


This library provides a Buffer and Parser class to make dealing with binary data in PHP easier. Templates extend this by offering a read/write interface for larger serialized structures.

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  • PHP 7.0+
  • Composer
  • ext-gmp


You can install this library via Composer: composer require bitwasp/buffertools


Buffer's are immutable classes to store binary data. Buffer::hex can be used to initialize from hex Buffer::int can be used to initialize from a positive decimal integer (int|string)

Buffer's main methods are:

  • getBinary()
  • getHex()
  • getInt()

Parser will read Buffers. Parser's main methods are:

  • readBytes()
  • writeBytes()
  • readArray()
  • writeArray()

In most cases, the interface offered by Parser should not be used directly. Instead, Templates expose read/write access to larger serialized structures.