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Last update: 2024-05-23 04:07:49 UTC


A toolkit for building a bitcoin node, built with ReactPHP. See for more detailed overview.

This repository includes a console application built from the Symfony Console package.

The BitcoinNode class supports headers first download, and will then attempt to download the full block history. Since this will likely take a few days, I haven't had the patience to leave it running. Still much code to write.


  • ext-zmq
  • ext-gmp
  • ext-json
  • ext-curl
  • ext-mcrypt


To run the software:

git clone
composer install

To include in your projects:

composer require bitwasp/bitcoin-node

You'll need a SQL database & credentials. Schema files are in ./sql Warning: these may be ruthlessly updated!


Dump a blank config file: phpnode print-config > config.ini

Create in the default location: mkdir ~/.phpnode && phpnode print-config > ~/.phpnode/bitcoin.ini

Run the software

See the list of commands: phpnode list

Or general help: phpnode help

Controlling the node

Start with config file in the default location: phpnode node:start

IMPORTANT: How to the stop the software (don't use CTRL-C) phpnode node:stop

Run with configuration in an alternative location: phpnode node:start -c /tmp/yourconfig

Watch a debug log of events reported by the node: phpnode node:watch

Show information about the node's best chain: phpnode node:info

Show information about all tracked chains: phpnode node:chains

Administering the database

Wipe the database: phpnode db:wipe

Empty all tables: phpnode db:reset

Empty only full block data (leave headers/index alone): phpnode db:blocks:reset