InPost integration for Shopware

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InPost Plugin for Shopware

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At BitBag we do believe in open source. However, we are able to do it just because of our awesome clients, who are kind enough to share some parts of our work with the community. Therefore, if you feel like there is a possibility for us working together, feel free to reach us out. You will find out more about our professional services, technologies and contact details at

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InPost widget InPost widget selected point InPost details administration

This plugin allows customers to choose InPost parcel lockers during the checkout process and pick up their orders wherever they want.

We are here to help

This open-source plugin was developed to help the Shopware community and make InPost shipments method available to any Shopware store. If you have any additional questions, would like help with installing or configuring the plugin, or need any assistance with your Shopware project - let us know!



We work on stable, supported and up-to-date versions of packages. We recommend you to do the same.

Package Version
PHP ^7.4.3
shopware/platform ^6.4

For the full installation guide please go to installation.


API credentials

You need to add the required API credentials.

Config button Required API data

Shipping method

You need to add the InPost shipping method in the back office, so your customers can use it.

InPost shipping method in Storefront

Required phone number

You need to set the phone number field as required.

Required phone number in settings

Products weight

You need to set the weight of all products in your store. The InPost parcel weight is calculated automatically according to the products ordered.

Products weight

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This plugin source code is completely free and released under the terms of the MIT license.


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