Bonus points plugin for Sylius.


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Screenshot showing menu where bonus points rules are managed

Screenshot showing example of bonus points rule

Screenshot showing customer view after discounting an order

Screenshot showing order shipped for free


This plugin allows you to create rules for assigning bonus points to users.
Users can exchange them for discounts(1 bonus point = 1 currency discount) when creating an order.


  1. Require plugin with composer:

    composer require bitbag/bonus-points-plugin
  2. Add plugin dependencies to your config/bundles.php file:

        return [
            BitBag\SyliusBonusPointsPlugin\BitBagSyliusBonusPointsPlugin::class => ['all' => true],
  3. Import required config by adding config/packages/bitbag_sylius_bonus_points_plugin.yaml file:

    # config/packages/bitbag_sylius_bonus_points_plugin.yaml
       - { resource: "@BitBagSyliusBonusPointsPlugin/Resources/config/config.yml" }
  4. Import routing in your config/routes.yaml file:

    # config/routes.yaml
        resource: "@BitBagSyliusBonusPointsPlugin/Resources/config/routing.yml"
  5. Extend Order(including Doctrine mapping):

    namespace App\Entity\Order;
    use BitBag\SyliusBonusPointsPlugin\Entity\BonusPointsAwareInterface;
    use BitBag\SyliusBonusPointsPlugin\Entity\BonusPointsAwareTrait;
    use Sylius\Component\Core\Model\Order as BaseOrder;
    class Order extends BaseOrder implements BonusPointsAwareInterface
        use BonusPointsAwareTrait;

    Mapping (XML):

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <doctrine-mapping xmlns=""
          <entity repository-class="App\Doctrine\ORM\OrderRepository" name="App\Entity\Order\Order" table="sylius_order">
                <field name="bonusPoints" type="integer" nullable="true" />
  6. Customize shop templates to include bonus points. For starter You may want copy to templates directory everything from plugin's tests/Application/templates

  7. Finish the installation by updating the database schema and installing assets:

    $ bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff
    $ bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate


$ composer install
$ cd tests/Application
$ yarn install
$ yarn build
$ bin/console assets:install public -e test
$ bin/console doctrine:schema:create -e test
$ bin/console server:run -d public -e test
$ open http://localhost:8080
$ vendor/bin/behat


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