Wrapping words for a perfect typography

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Bit&Black Word Wrapper

Wrapping text for a perfect typography.


This library is made for the use with Composer. Add it to your project by running $ composer require bitandblack/word-wrapper.


These wrappers are available:

  • LinesWrapper: This class divides a text to reach a given number of lines.
  • MaxLengthWrapper: This class wraps a text when a lines reaches the maximum length of characters.

These outputs are available:

  • CSSOutput: This class uses <span> to divide the lines. Each span has class="word-wrapper-line" which you can use to define a wrap by your own. For example white-space: nowrap is very useful here. It's possible to customize the tag.
  • HTMLOutput: This class uses <br> to wrap into new lines. It's possible to customize the tag.
  • CustomOutput: This class needs to know your custom string. This is the second parameter.


This example makes use of the LinesWrapper and the HTMLOutput.


use BitAndBlack\WordWrapper\Output\HTMLOutput;
use BitAndBlack\WordWrapper\Wrapper\LinesWrapper;

$sentence = 'The Lord of the Rings';
$wrapper = new LinesWrapper(2, $sentence);
echo new HTMLOutput($wrapper);

This will echo The Lord of <br>the Rings.


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