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Simple PHP code time measurement. Using time units allows receiving information about the start time and end time of a unit and also its execution length in total seconds and in percent.

If angle/chrono is the easiest way, this is the second easiest.


This library is made for the use with Composer. Add it to your project by running $ composer require bitandblack/measurement.


Set up a new Measurement object once:


use BitAndBlack\Measurement\Measurement;

$measurement = new Measurement();

Create a Unit object for every part you want to measure, add it to the measurement object and start the measurement:


use BitAndBlack\Measurement\Unit;

$unit = new Unit('Sample Unit');


When you want to end the measurement of a unit, call $unit->end().

To receive the information about all your units, call $measurement->getSummary(). In out example, this would get something like:

    [0] => Array
            [description] => Sample Unit
            [started] => object(DateTime) // 2022-07-04 07:08:38.032900
            [ended] => object(DateTime) // 2022-07-04 07:08:40.035100
            [tookTime] => 2.0021901130676
            [tookPercent] => 100

Each unit object stores its own information, that can be access by regular getter methods. So you can access them for example like that:


var_dump('Sample Unit took ' . $unit->getTime() . ' seconds.');


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