Extracts color values from images and creates blurred CSS backgrounds.

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Bit&Black Image Blur

Extracts the most important color values from an image and creates a blurred CSS background out of them.

This can be used to display a simple preview of the image while it still loads.

Original imageBlurred version as CSS gradient
The original imageThe blurred version


The AutoCSSImageBackground class takes an image and returns the color values as CSS custom properties. To get the CSS gradient working, you need to add the CSS class background-blur to the HTML. All together it may look like that:


use BitAndBlack\ImageBlur\AutoCSSImageBackground;

echo '<img src="my-image.jpg" class="background-blur" style="' . new AutoCSSImageBackground('my-image.jpg') . '">';

And the output will be similar to:

<img src="my-image.jpg" class="background-blur" style="--color-top-left: rgb(181, 126, 116); --color-top-right: rgb(202, 181, 115); --color-bottom-left: rgb(183, 206, 213); --color-bottom-right: rgb(181, 203, 206); --color-center: rgb(149, 159, 143);">

The CSS class can be found in the src folder. There is a scss file with a mixin too.

The manual way

Initialize the ColorExtract class with your image at first:


use BitAndBlack\ImageBlur\ColorExtract;

$colorExtract = new ColorExtract('my-image.jpg');

Get the color values by calling the getColors method then:


$colors = $colorExtract->getColors();


The method setDownscalePercent can be used to specify the percentage to which the image should be reduced. This enables faster color extraction. At the same time, the image must not be scaled too small so that characteristic color values are retained. For example:



The method setPaddingPercent can be used to specify the distance from the image border in percent where the colors get extracted from. This can improve extracting the color values, because the colors with a little distance from the outer image border are more recognizable. For example:me




If you want to format the colors into CSS custom properties, you can use the CssCustomPropertiesFormatter class:


use BitAndBlack\ImageBlur\CssCustomPropertiesFormatter;

$formattedColors = CssCustomPropertiesFormatter($colorExtract);

But for sure you can use your own custom formatter too.


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