There is no license information available for the latest version (0.3.1) of this package.

php-resque-pause is a PHP port of resque-pause, which adds support for pausing / unpausing Resque jobs.

0.3.1 2016-09-29 05:34 UTC


A PHP-Resque plugin.

resque-pause adds functionality to pause resque jobs

Using a pause allows you to stop the worker without stop the enqueue

For further information re: php-resque, visit this official repo:


  • PHP 5.3+
  • Redis 2.2+
  • Composer

Getting Started

resque-pause is installed via composer. To install:

$ # Add php-resque-pause to your project's composer.json
$ composer require "bigcommerce/php-resque-pause"
$ # Install composer dependencies
$ composer install


To use Resque Pause in your application you'll need to create a globally used instance, we use Pimple but you can use globals, a static variable, or whatever else you like. Upon instantiation Pause will add a Resque listener to make sure that any jobs pushed to a paused queue will be paused as well. On destruction Pause will remove said listener.

// Let's put it in a global since that's easy/familiar
$GLOBALS['ResquePause'] = new \Resque\Plugins\Pause(); // Your enqueues are now being listened to

Pause it!


Resume it!


Is it Paused?



This repo is fairly thoroughly tested so please add tests for any feature you add. We use PSR-4 conventions and have a linter in place. To run the linter simply run composer lint and to run the tests locally run composer test. To have your code reviewed please tag @bigcommerce-labs/tools.