Slack Notification Channel for Laravel using API tokens.

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This is the Laravel Slack notification channel, but instead of using incoming webhooks, this channel makes use of OAuth access tokens. It also allows replies to thread messages.

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Install the package via composer:

composer require beyondcode/slack-notification-channel

The service provider gets registered automatically and you can use this package as a replacement of the core Laravel Slack notification channel.

Notification Routing

Since this notification channel makes use of Slack API tokens instead of incoming webhook URLs, you need to return an array containing the API token and an optional channel. This channel will be used, if it is not provided in the SlackMessage that you send:

public function routeNotificationForSlack()
    return [
        'token' => 'xoxp-slack-token',
        'channel' => '#general'

Replying to Message Threads

Assuming you want to keep track of orders and have your team/bot respond to a single thread of per order placed, this channel allows you to retrieve the API response from the chat.postMessage method inside your notifications. With this you could post messages on order paid, shipped, closed, etc. events to the same thread.

In your order placed event you can have

public function toSlack($notifiable)
    return (new SlackMessage)
        ->content('A new order has been placed');

public function response($response)
    $response = $response->getBody()->getContents();
    $this->order->data('slack.thread_ts', json_decode($response, true)['ts']);

And in your order paid event you can have

public function toSlack($notifiable)
    $order = $this->order;
    return (new SlackMessage)
        ->content('Order paid')
           ->attachment(function ($attachment) use ($order) {
               $attachment->title("Order $order->reference has been paid for.")
                          ->content('Should now be processed.')
                          ->action('View Order', route('orders', $order->reference));

Customizing the channel name

Laravel ships with a slack notification channel which uses web hooks. This packages overwrites that default slack channel.

Should you want to use Laravel's default Slack channel and this one inside one app, you'll need to use a different channel name.

You can set the channel name using

SlackApiChannel::$channelName = 'alternativeSlackChannel'

Make sure you use the right method name on your notifications.

class AlternativeSlackChannelNameNotification extends Notification
    public function toAlternativeSlackChannel($notifiable) {
        // ...


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