Batch-Processing of a pool asynchronous commercetools requests.

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Batch-Processing of a pool asynchronous commercetools requests.


Commercetools suggests that you use asynchronous requests instead of sequential ones but the PHP SDK makes it not very easy:

  1. Promises for Client::executeAsync works on the raw guzzle response, not the "requested object".
  2. Guzzle promise-chaining/forwarding and the AbstractApiResponse from commercetools are not compatible.

So i created a helping pool of async requests. Please review the following information.


composer require bestit/commercetools-async-pool

API and Usage

$pool = new Pool($this->getClient());

    // Success
    function(ProductType $productType) use ($userdata) {          
        echo $productType->getId();
    // optional error callback
    function(ErrorResponse $error) {
        echo $error->getStatusCode();    
//.then(/* chained callbacks */)
// ....

// Gets flushed automatically, if we overflow the tick rate from the constructor.

But beware, do not forget that the callbacks are happening asynchronous! That is no sequential PHP anymore!


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